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An exhibition by Zsuzsa Magyari, Tünde Mézes and Ádám Varga

There are two buildings on the Pest side of the Liberty Bridge, which many of us have passed many times. The Toll Houses, which have lost their function, now serve only as transit zone in the city’s daily life. The northern building used to house an exhibition of local history, but in recent years it has been closed to visitors. For three days prior to the forthcoming reopening, the space will be filled with a site-specific exhibition of contemporary artists. Without taking a historical approach, their works reflect on the site’s geography and its former role, as well as on questions of presence and orientation in the space.

Northern Toll House “Vámszedőház”,  Budapest
28- 30 July 2022


Something Goes Here

Solo show

The exhibition attempts to evoke an in-between state, where nothing has yet been decided. In the face of everyday visual and emotional overload, it appears as a resting point where we can still approach the objects we encounter with sensitivity. The presented group of works use familiar forms from the field of mass media, deprived of their original function and effects. The posters show their backs here, and there is no current news running in the text boxes – the inscriptions on them are just saying: “Something goes here”.

Kisterem, 1053 Budapest, Képíró st 5.
3 February – 11 March 2022


Permanent residual

Group exhibition

Exhibiting artists: Tamás Eiter, Judit Fischer, Sári Gink, Katalin Kortmann Járay, Karina Mendreczky, Tünde Mézes, Judit Lilla Molnár, Mózes Márton Murányi, Zsófia Szemző, Balázs Varju Tóth Curator: Ajna Maj

“The exhibition oscillates between real and constructed spaces, between layers of past and future. Some of the exhibited works explore everyday moments and personal experiences through emotional qualities and memories linked to material motifs. Objects act as mediators between different ages and persons, thus the associations and emotions associated with them can be recalled and evoked by the individual at any time.”

FKSE, 1177 Budapest, Rottenbiller st 35.
8 – 26 June 2021


On the first page

Solo show

The thesis of the exhibition is the possible existence of another endeavour before or parallel with the internet. According to that, relying on the recipient’s knowledge and affinity, it could be possible to transfer massive data by sending short, encoded messages. As though after reading an epigraph, we knew the content of the whole book. The presented interior is the scene of this wrecked research, an abandoned laboratory around halfway from a library to a server-room.

ISBN books + gallery, Budapest, 1084 Víg st 2.
29 September – 30 October 2020


Kiválasztás (A) Kiválasztás (B)

Exhibitions of the new members of the Studio of Young Artists’s Association.

Featuring: Dániel Bozzai, Endre Cserna, Laura Csocsán, Tamás Eiter, Patrícia Jagicza, Ádám Jeneses, Dániel Kophelyi, Katalin Kortmann Járay, Ajna Maj, Tünde Mézes, Júlia Perczel and Anna Zsoldos

FKSE, 1177 Budapest, Rottenbiller st 35.
21 January – 15 February 2020


Explorers 2.0

Exhibition of Tamás Ábel, Nikolett Balázs, Máté Diósi, Gergő Fülöp, Andrea Gombos, Ágnes Horváth, Adrián Klájó,  Áron Majoros, Tünde Mézes, Tamás Mikola, Marcell Németh and Katja Pál

Curator: Pál Sándor Tóth
Curatorial assistant: Ágnes Hajnalka Koller

Ybl Creative House Buda, 1013 Budapest, Ybl Miklós square 9-11.
29 August – 29 September 2019

Launched in 2017, the Budapest Art Mentor Program will be hosting its second exhibition featuring the works of its twelve mentees. Most of the exhibition consists of works from the past two years, and all artists have been specifically invited to create a new work for the exhibition space of the Ybl Creative House Buda.


Among and Between

Exhibition of Zsuzsa Magyari, Tünde Mézes, Ádám Takács and Ádám Varga

Curator: Mónika Zsikla
Graphic design: Marcell Kazsik

Budapest Gallery, 1036 Budapest, Lajos st 158.
17 July – 25 August 2019

“The artists’ shared endeavour to “fill the space”, the dialogues between the individual artworks, and the ways in which the works reflect on the trio of beholder-artwork-space create links among the compositions and constitute the theme of the exhibition.”


An artistic project about housing, curated by Fanni Solymár, Borka Csejdy, Réka Ölvedi
and Dénes Peták.

Artists:  Au Workshop,  Anna Ádám,  Csönge Balla, Bottom Up,  Eszter Horváth, Ádám Jeneses, Mártha Kicsiny, Attila Lakatos, Tünde Mézes, Judit Lilla Molnár, Lili Thury, Balázs Varju Tóth, Szabolcs Vida, Anna Zsoldos

ex-Otthon Department Store, 1074 Budapest, Rákóczi st 74-76.
17 – 24 May 2019


Exhibition of Zsófia Anna Kollár, Máté Kovács, Zsuzsa Magyari, Tünde Mézes,  Ádám Széll, Ádám Takács and Ádám Varga

Artus Studio, 1116 Budapest, Sztregova st 7.
25 October – 27 November 2018

1. kickback
—> when you shoot off a gun and the recoil sends you staggering backwards from the force
2. kick back
—> to stop doing things and relax

What’s good in life if you can’t kick back and watch a good exhibition?

Busy doin’ Nothing

Exhibition of Zsuzsa Magyari and Tünde Mézes

Koncept gallery, 1111 Budapest, Kende st 1.
26 – 30 June 2018

“The aimlessness played a role while these objects were created – so the creation itself became their aim. These are ‘relatives’ of everyday things, which have lost their function and their original meaning. The insignificant, almost rubbish-like item obtains new possible interpretations through the gesture of emphasis and copying.”

Exhibition opening performed by Márton Simon, poet, slammer.

East-central west

Graduation show

MKE Barcsay Hall, Budapest
4 – 8 June 2018 

“The work is inspired by graphic design products found in japanese public spaces.”


Romance zero

Solo exhibition

PINCE, 1122 Budapest, Hajnóczy József st 5.
15 February 2018

“The central piece of the exhibition is a collection of objects, which is a reinterpretation of a Japanese mattress advertisement. The viewpoint is the surplus produced by the consumer society. Using a slice of ‘existing and realistic’ the artist produces a fictitious product that is deprived of all of its functions. Tünde Mézes examines existing objects based on the characteristics of the artworks.”