The installation Template presents a manifestation of text box templates in material form. These elements, which originally appeared in a plane or virtual space, are here given spatial extension and weight. This reinforces the hierarchical difference between text fragments of different importance. This is also emphasised by the arrangement of the castings: they are not placed side by side on the beech wood stand, but above and below in a specific order. Each object is also given its own background, a 3:4 blueback paper glued to the wall marking the screen where the text box appears ( in the lower third). The inscriptions and placeholders embedded in the mouldings allow for free interpretation.

On the lowest moulding, there is the inscription Substitute, which in its primary interpretation can be understood as a substitute for the final content. Following Rousseau’s idea, the written word is also a substitute (in English translations, supplement), which serves as a substitute for speech. On the other hand, the word is inherently subordinate to the object it denotes, so that the term substitute with the prefix ‘sub’ is more eloquent and contributes to the reception of the work.

In the centre, sliding to the right of the others, is the cast with the inscription This will happen. This short, enigmatic sentence also precedes in time the information intended to be definitive, the news of a future event. There is also a reading that science can predict the future, because under ideal, laboratory conditions, it is known exactly that if I do such and such, this will happen.

On the top work, it is repeated endlessly: newer and newer and newer (…). The running text, reminds of infomania, when one is constantly hunting for newer and newer information, constantly updating the news feed, checking one’s e-mail account or watching the news. Here, the textual content is perceived as a signal that is constantly happening and passing.

Presented in an exhibition:

Plaster casts, blueback paper, wood