“The tropes of the digital universe and the everyday tangible world come back in the works of Tünde Mézes. Mézes enlarges a black space button from a keyboard to human size and installs it like a panel painting and writes the names of two additional buttons on it as well, referring to the moments of entering and exiting (enter, escape). A whole series of associations opens up: with its anthropomorphic dimensions, the key is humanized, like a human-scale board, perhaps a coffin. The word space, beyond its everyday use, is enriched with countless connotations. Given the context of the exhibition, the works of Takács and the colour of the object both evoke the image of outer space, but we may also think of space as an abstraction (a philosophical-physical concept) and as something concrete (the exhibition space). As if the space-key of Tünde Mézes marked the space among and between the images – a unique in-betweenness, of which David Joselit writes as the “arena” of the birth, appearance (enter), and disappearance (escape) of meaning. The work nevertheless can be read – carefully – as a broader metaphor for human existence, and also as an examination of the relationship between text, image, and art/object in a post-digital context.”

Quotation from the opening speech by Dávid Fehér at the exhibition ‘Among and Between

Polyurethane, acryl, 35 x 162 cm