Body of Revolution

The work Body of Revolution is an arrangement of everyday objects and digital prints in a site-specific way, with loose connections between the elements. Blurred maps of the world on blueback paper used for posters, the square grid, which is not meaningful in itself, just an empty, schematic diagram. Globe as stress ball, spirit level as simple, reliable axis. With these tools I try to imagine where I am. I’m interested in the fundamental problem of cartography: how can a sphere in continuous motion be represented as a still image? What is lost in the process and what can be added? I am not interested in scientific answers, but in thinking about the questions. Thinking about how big I am compared to the Earth. The shifting of scale follows a human being who owns the whole planet at once, yet is negligibly small in comparison to it.

Presented in an exhibition:

Body of Revolution
Installation (glass, globe ball, water level, digital print on blueback paper, vinyl foil)
variable size