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There are two buildings on the Pest side of the Liberty Bridge, which many of us have passed many times. The Toll Houses, which have lost their function, now serve only as transit zone in the city’s daily life. The northern building used to house an exhibition of local history, but in recent years it has been closed to visitors. For three days prior to the forthcoming reopening, the space will be filled with a site-specific exhibition of contemporary artists. Without taking a historical approach, their works reflect on the site’s geography and its former role, as well as on questions of presence and orientation in the space.

An exhibition by Zsuzsa Magyari, Tünde Mézes and Ádám Varga

Northern Toll House “Vámszedőház”,  Budapest
28- 30 July 2022

Presented works:

Zsuzsa Magyari: Souvenir shop | metal, wood, digital print, t-shirt, baseball cap, tote bag, pillow cover, mug, puzzle, coloring book, key holder, pin, poster, sticker, calendar, thermos, magnet, postcard | 2020-22
Tünde Mézes: Body of Revolution | glass, globe ball, water level, digital print on blueback paper, vinyl foil | 2022
Ádám Varga: Watercolour | acrylic on canvas, 120*80cm, 4 pcs. | vinyl foil, variable size | spray, vinyl cutter on paper, 65*48 cm | 2022