Exhibition of Zsófia Anna Kollár, Máté Kovács, Zsuzsa Magyari, Tünde Mézes,  Ádám Széll, Ádám Takács and Ádám Varga

Artus Studio, Budapest XI. Sztregova u. 7.
2018. october 25 – november 27.

1. kickback
—> when you shoot off a gun and the recoil sends you staggering backwards from the force
2. kick back
—> to stop doing things and relax

What’s good in life if you can’t kick back and watch a good exhibition?

Busy doin’ Nothing

Exhibition of Zsuzsa Magyari and Tünde Mézes

Koncept gallery, Budapest XI. Kende u. 1.
2018. june 26-30.

“The aimlessness played a role while these objects were created – so the creation itself became their aim. These are ‘relatives’ of everyday things, which have lost their function and their original meaning. The insignificant, almost rubbish-like item obtains new possible interpretations through the gesture of emphasis and copying.”

Exhibition opening performed by Márton Simon, poet, slammer.

East-central west

Graduation show

MKE Barcsay hall, Budapest

2018. june 4-8.

The work is inspired by graphic design products found in japanese public spaces.”


Romance zero

Solo exhibition

PINCE, Budapest XII. Hajnóczy József u. 5.

2018. februar 15.

“The central piece of the exhibition is a collection of objects, which is a reinterpretation of a Japanese mattress advertisement. The viewpoint is the surplus produced by the consumer society. Using a slice of ‘existing and realistic’ the artist produces a fictitious product that is deprived of all of its functions. Tünde Mézes examines existing objects based on the characteristics of the artworks.”